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Anxious People TV Show Review - The Eight Hostages

Juggling between different genres, this Swedish limited series gives a feel good factor through out. On the surface, Anxious People is about a failed bank robbery and a subsequent crazy hostage situation happening inside an apartment complex where eight people are on a visit. Two inexperienced cops a father-son duo, arrive on the scene and what we see over the next 6 episode is how human connection can make or break the situation.

Each character is well developed with genuinely heartfelt emotions. It dealt some of the heavy subject matter in very light-hearted way and some of the relationship aspects are well thought out. The observation about little things and subconscious decision making were a treat to watch. There is a confounding mystery surrounding these 8 hostages and that is being revealed in bits and pieces to bring an intruge feel. The story gains energy and sureness as it develops with comic streaks. The message is loud and clear We’re all terrible at being people. If you can forgive some of the absurdity then you will enjoy this.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Towards a Better World)

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