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Asur - The Dark Side Exposed

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Arshad Warsi's debut web series Asur is an ambitious show which had the great potential to be one of the best psychological thriller, and it did missed the mark, but only by a small margin. I have to say it was thoroughly engaging script because of how the writers mixed the myth and science beautifully. The first two episode were really great with each one ending in an unexpected way. The concept is fresh and some ideas were brilliant. Then the pace lags a bit but the intrigues is kept alive. There is a lot going in the show and its an overdose of mythology, Karma ,dharma etc which are confusing at times. Shifting the focus between two time lines and how the past and the present connect reveals slowly in a rewarding fashion. I hope the makers focus on rectifying the glaring loop holes and come back stronger on Season 2. I can easily recommend this for a watch as it did provide a more than satisfactory outcome. Would rate this higher than Special Ops any day. Go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A captivating take on Kalyug)

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