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Beef TV Series Review - A Road Rage Aftermath

With a brilliant performances from its two lead cast (Steven Yeun and Ali Wong), this one is a solidly written drama and with a dark comedy combo. The show is all about how you deal with the sprut of angst and frustration . And when you combine that with your past trauma and the kind of rage you hold inside, even a silly road incident can spiral out.

But the interesting aspect is, its not a violent kind of setup, but rather a very well paced family drama where emotions play a key role. If you are expecting a wild ride like Spielberg's 1971 film Duel then you will be disappointed. This show has taken a qualitatively different approach to road rage.

The two protagonists are Asian immigrants, where one is blue collar worker and another is an entrepreneur. As you can see its a contrasting north and south pole equation to the great American Dream. Their characters are quiet intoxicating and their actions leads to more and more chaos culminating to a devastating climax. The show beautifully blends societal issues in a realistic way. Its a wonderful character study of Asian Americans. I was expecting a totally different cat and mouse vendetta setup after the first episode, but to my surprise this is treated differently. Its very personal approach on the battle they fight and a great self discovery story. Watch it for the various character bonding / performance and not as a thrill ride. Now does it warrant a 10 episodes? i really doubt that. But good thing is, its all a short run time episodes.

Verdict - 4/5(The Outburst)

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