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Beforeigners TV Series Review - A multi-temporal society

This HBO Norwegian Time Travel mini series is a fun watch. Its different and simpler take on time travel. People arriving from past are called Be-foreigners and no one bothers for them in the present as they couldn't figure out why this is happening. They only know that some supernatural temporal breaches happens every now and then followed by flash lightning which triggers this strange phenomenon where stone age people appear from Sea.

Fast forward one year and the life goes on with new set of emigrants who has no memory of the past unless triggered. So some of the stone age people gets adjusted with the present settings. The cultural difference between the group is sprinkled with sarcasm and contemporary humor and that makes the show stand apart. It also acts as a metaphor for the European migrant crisis.

But things turn upside down when one of the newly arrived Be-foreigners is found dead. The investigation that follows with a rookie migrant and modern police office is a treat. The story then develops into something much more sinister and political. The narrative is mix of quiet a lot of things from Mythology to classic murder mystery to very limited time travel. The six episode has enough firepower with few twists and turns to keep our interest on. With a nice unexpected ending, i am in for Season 2 to appear in few weeks time. And the sound track is so original and you will root for that. Yet another X'MAS recommendation from my end.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A pleasant surprise)

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