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Beyond Evil TV Series Review - A Compelling K-Drama

When it comes to plotting stories based on Serial Killings, there is no match to Korean film makers. With an incredible cast and a tight screenplay, this show is now ranked 2nd in my foreign language series of 2021 (first one being the Spanish thriller The Innocent). The story involves a recent murder which took place in a small town and it brings back memories of cold case dated back 20 years. The two police officers (one local in town and one outsider) in charge, upon investigation discovers things which has far reaching consequences shattering the lives of friends and families. This story may sound familiar if you have seen Korean movies, but its treated in a different way.

It’s an enthralling watch and the emotional quotient is very high in this part thriller and part drama. The lead pairs chemistry and the intense synergy of the two actors is something you will enjoy in this show. It’s a highly character driven plot and each episode offers a cliff hanger moment with twists and turns. With an atmospheric music, this sinister psychological thriller will keep you guessing till the end. It’s an unsettling and emotionally immersive experience and its depiction of human flaws and complacency is spot on. Its a daring portrayal of complex human relationships. It's all-in-one package where the writing and acting goes hand in hand. It follows the true detective style noir.

I wish they focused less on conversation and avoided some over the top sequence and and made it bit more realistic. Even with plenty of loop holes, I found it entertaining. I was expecting a blasting climax but was bit disappointed there as they gave away the clues far too early. As usual like any other K series, this one has serious issues with the pacing of the story which is a very common trend. If not for the above issues, this would have been a riveting watch. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this show where the question is finally answered “Who is the Monster? Is it you or Is it me or Is it us?”

It’s now streaming on Netflix.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A top notch crime thriller)

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