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Chup Movie Review - The Art of Criticism

The Jara Hatke director Balki's latest film mostly works thanks to some wonderful casting and their performances. The story which is very evident from the trailer is about a brutal serial killer who is targeting film critics and especially on their star ratings. The killer is known as critics ka critic.

The investigation then follows to find out the pattern and the intentions behind this. The film also pays homage to Indian Auteur Guru Dutt who is known for his compulsive creative style and personal film making. There is a strong message on few aspects around, is scathing criticism really needed, if yes where to draw the boundaries. The integrity and sensitivity part also plays a key role in this part mystery , part love story baked into the narrative. How far a critics should go in tarnishing or praising a film? Do they pay a thought on can someone career may be jeopardized by reviews? Classic point in case being how the reviews of Kaagaz Ke Phool ended the director career of GD.

There are many splashes of brilliance in Balki's film making and what i liked most is the unexpected light hearted humor , a full fledged complex character arc from Dulquer, a restrained but an effective come back by Sunny Deol and a fine act from Shreya Dhanwanthary. Its ambitious and flawed in the way of linear narrative, the suspense part diluted too fast and an outrageous third act. There is so much going on this movie but nothing goes into the details and the conveniently designed backstory part of the serial killer did not appeal to me. Not everything needs spoon feeding. The last scene with the blanket on is perfect homage to GD. I would have liked to see a detailed confrontation scene with the killer and Sunny Deol or with some of the critics. The rushed final act required a bit of polishing for sure.

Verdict - 3/5(Jalaa Do Yeah Duniya)

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