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CODA Movie Review - The window to the world outside

CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), winner of few awards already is inspired from the french film La Famille Bélier. The plot basically follows the life of a teenage girl (Emilia Jones) who is the only hearing member of the deaf family and she acts as bridge to the outside world. She has her own dreams (to become a singer) and has a great exhausting responsibility towards the family. How she manages that forms the crux of the story. This coming of age story is universally relatable one and is a text book representation of some of the films of this genre. So what makes this new wine in an old bottle different. The tried and tested formula still works.

First and foremost its a nice change to all the stereotypical American teenage portrayals. Second a riveting performance from Emily Jones, who has given a strong and vibrant act. She is a beauty to watch. Last but not the least the film has some genuinely heart-warming moments, and is a crowd please in all ways. There were few stand out moments which will bring a lump in your throat feel. Its an emotionally endearing film. The humor is embedded in a plot that would easily lend itself to drama.

The disability angle is addressed with respect and sensitivity. The parents act were bit embarrassing at times, but it was still a fun to watch. The film beautifully balances the awkwardness, frailty and vulnerability of the family members. Three standout moments in the film, the muted conversation between mom and daughter, the sole singing for the father and the best being the audition song with the sign language. At the end of the day, a heart at the right place always makes a pleasant viewing experience. Go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Dream Vs Reality)

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