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Coherence Movie Review - A converging Game

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

A strange movie recommendation popped up while i was looking for the release date of Dark Season 3. How can i let go a mind bender. If you have not heard or seen this movie, i strongly encourage you to watch this soon. Its purely a brilliant idea and execution. The story is about 6 people coming over for dinner to a couple’s place and that night is when a comet passes through the earth. After an initial 10 to 15 minutes of chit chat the action kicks in. A power cut happens and then the twist begins. Strange things starts to appear and you are in for a ride with this mind-warping movie. I can't get over this movie's concept. I really didn't want this movie to end and wanting more. You need a full attention to watch this. So dont do multi tasking. Except the shaky camera movement i dont have much to complain here. A minimum resource, small budget can sometimes create wonders. It was recorded over five nights with largely improvised dialogue. Its not a complicated plot like Dark, but the best thing about it is that, with each viewing, you discover something new. Its bound to get lot of interpretations. Its tickles your brain cells. Loved it.

Verdict - 4/5(A temporal Paradox)

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