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Dark TV Series Review - A Whimsical Boot Strap Paradox

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The mesmerizing and mind-bending German sci-fi show has reached its penultimate riveting finale. Like anything else in life, all beautiful things must eventually come to an end, and this is one series, i wish never ended. Science fiction, as a genre, is so versatile that it never ceases to amaze. Take a bow, Mr. Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, you just created a master piece which is tough to beat any time soon in terms of creativity and pushing the boundaries beyond imagination. This is an extreme case study of high octane concept narrated to near perfection. This is a cult classic that needs its own space , time and should be entered into hall of fame for the best series ever made. It surpassed my all time fav sci fiction show (a Nolan brother's pulsating thriller) and took the top spot. This kind of craftsmanship is a very rare sight from television TV series standard. And the grand finale is a mind boggling event of its own. Only a genius can think about such a story and conceptualize it to near perfection. This is a show that deserves a standing ovation.

The show begins like stranger things then moved to a complex time odyssey and ended up as a bitter-sweet love story with an emotional touch. The last 4 episodes of Season 3 is taken to a different level (reminiscent of the if - then - else episode of Nolan brother classic). In this power of 3 (3 key characters, 3 worlds, significance of 33 years, the religious context of the numeric number 3), the details are plenty to absorb and appreciate especially the reversal process clues. The cancer must be destroyed from the parallel realities and the untangling the knot of eternity, is a ride you will remember for a long. In the last episode, travel inside a light is beautifully constructed, once again proving that you dont need big budget gimmicks to tell a story of Labyrinth.

Its a heartbreaking at the same time totally satisfying and thoughtfully constructed. With the last scene of subconscious context reference, i thought there is going to be more seasons but unfortunately no. Sadly this multiverse time paradox has ended. If there is one TV show i want to revisit again and again, this will be it. And all those cinephiles and movie lovers out there, if you haven't seen this show yet then its a shame. And the quote stays true for the entire series where dark did matter a lot. "What we know is a drop and what we dont know is an Ocean". I am going with a rare 5 out of 5 for this exemplary and complex achievement.

Verdict - 5/5(Miss you Winden)

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