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Devs TV Series Review - A quantum leap of faith

Alex Garland's (known for Ex Machina and Annihilation) new TV series, is a unique Sci Fiction show tinged with philosophy and its not going to be every ones cup of tea. It's neither complicated as Dark nor it falls into the entertaining sci fiction show like Person of Interest. Its deliberately paced story of curious minds and its an ambitious show for sure. The show needs more time to find its audience but i am sure quiet a lot will like the show and the ending will debated.

Let me start off with the side kicks, an exemplary cinematography of East Coast side, a thumping soundtrack and amazing VFX stands out through out. It has an engaging story line that can trickle your unused brain cells and is laced with huge dose of intellectualism and physics lecture (no pun intended). The balancing act is perfectly maintained with thrilling setup, drama and emotions. Garland pulls off a solid psychological and contemplative labyrinth of elusive beauty with artistic vision. WTF moments are plenty in the show. Life as a free will or predetermined concept is a paradox like Schrödinger's box and the core theme is presented with a best possible outcome (people may differ on the ending though)

To be honest, I never understood a jack about quantum mechanics but always loved how people interpret and present that. My biggest gripe is with the casting, especially the lead character Lily Chan (played by Sonoya MizunI). I would have any day picked Hong Chau to play that role. Devs may have its own flaws with lot of inconsistencies and sound bit preachy at times, but i just couldn't take my eyes away from the show due thoughtful storytelling and its compelling vision. A strong recommendation from my end even-though the thrilling factor is missing. Its a real pay off when you understand what Devs stand for. The more the people watch the more its going to be talked about. All 8 episodes are now available on HotStar.

Verdict - 4/5(The cause and consequences)

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