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Dunki Movie Review - Aal Izz Is Not Well

Towards the end of the film there were a set of haunting images and verbiages to showcase the hardships and sufferings of illegal border crossing. I really wished Hirani's latest film did justice to that serious topic. In Search of a better life theme deserved a better articulation and some solid performances.

Donkey Route perhaps is the weakest link in his career where he not only diluted the topic but also overstuffed with preachy sentiments which was totally non-sticky. Barring few stand outs, one being Vicky Kaushal cameo, and then are few really funny moments at UK embassy, the film offers nothing new to keep you invested in. The second half was a real let down. The make-up artist deserves an award for sure. The film takes too long in establishing its premise and the film never took itself seriously.

The Punjabi accent didn't suit many including the King Khan. The on screen chemistry that is trade mark with his heroines is a complete miss and mess here. With plenty of pointless slap stick comedy the movie just drags on. The seriousness of border crossing is just a skim in the surface narration here. The audience will never feel the pain and the emotional turmoil the characters go through and thats the biggest failure for this film. It all felt bland and staged. The heartwarming story intention was right there to explore in depth, but its a flawed execution.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Lost in Migration)

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