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Ghar Waapsi TV Series Review - Swades

If you are fan of TVF shows like Gullak, Yeh Meri Family then you are going to enjoy this Hotstar special too. It has all the ingredients of feel good perfect family show. With some sharp writings and rib tickling one liners, this is a pure heart at the right place safe approach from creators of the show. It has a fantastic cast with a deeper character study where each and everyone is given ample space and time to explore.

The story may sound very familiar but it has got everything for everyone and lot of folks who works and lives in big cities outside of their hometown can easily relate to this. The narration captures some beautiful yet unspoken feelings and inner dilemma one has to face. The story starts with Shekhar, who is out of work, returns to his home town Indore, but this time its not a typical guest stay for a week. The longer stay makes him frustrated at the same time teaches him some valuable lesson. How he manages stay afloat with his siblings, parents and friends forms the crux. The small vignettes of story telling between them is where it scores big. The conflict felt genuine and its true reflection of what we are. Every character is so perfectly etched out and they fit into their roles perfectly.

On the flip side its bit predictable and i felt bit too much of gyaan in every episode. Having said that i enjoyed the show though the ending may not be a practical one for many, as people just continue to remain where they are in this fast paced and competing world. Accepting that change may looks simple but ....(you will understand what i meant after watching the show)

Verdict - 3.5/5(Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le)

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