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Gullak TV Series Review - Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le

TVF production always have something interesting on store. Last year it was Panchayat which ticked all the right boxes and now this year they are back with Gullak (Piggy Bank) teaming up with Sony LIV. It has all the ingredients of feel good perfect family show. With some sharp writings and rib tickling comedy this is a pure smile bringing show.

There is no specific format or continuation with each episode, but rather its a just every day tales of a middle class family put together. The Mishra family is a treat to watch with some top notch performance their comic tone timing is unmatched. Bittu ki mummy is a treat on its own. Just watch and enjoy those tiny little moments of this families day-to-day life. Its charming and relatable most of the time with tinge of emotional drama. The only thing i hated was the intermittent voice over narration. But overall, i did enjoy the walk down memory lane which had a deft touch of realistic storytelling.

Verdict - 3/5(The Great Indian Family)

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