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Ikkat Movie Review - A lock down fun

This latest kannada movie is a fun watch which combines neat, natural humor with some slapsticks. Sometimes we need to try the old fashion approach of film making and that's exactly the makers did here. With only minimal characters and all happening within the 4 walls of their home, its relatable in many ways. I have never seen or heard about the key actors but they all did damn well.

The first scene sets the metaphor for what is about to happen. The conversion between husband and wife were hilarious. We will enjoy their little fights and dark under current tonal languages. How the two contrasting characters put up each other during the initial 21 days lockdown with an unexpected guests arrival forms the crux of the story.

There is nothing groudbreaking here in terms of story but it was a good entertainment. The irony of lockdown is presented neatly. I enjoyed the nosy neighbor and the couples annoying uncle. Dude maga was bit irritating at times and i felt that story needed much polishing and conviction. But overall this love hate relationship couples comedy is worth a watch. Laugh out loud and dont take it seriously.

Verdict - 3/5 ( Clean slate )

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