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Justice League 2021 Movie Review - An Ultimate Reward

Zack Snyder's cut, which was originally advertised as a miniseries, shows how to make an epic super hero movie. From beautifully crafted backstories to stunning visual appeal this is clear summer block buster. Its a shame that, it did not get a theatrical release. An IMAX version would have given plenty of goosebumps. The film has enormous narrative ambition and interesting character construction. From gaining in emotion, to spectacularity this greater drama delves into the depth of DC characters. Every character is given ample space and time to establish and the connection is well established.

Zack Snyder's sense of cinema , the emotional impact and adrenaline he manages to infuse the film is incredible. This is a pulsating ride from start to finish. From a heartbreaking opening credits to soaring BGM Synder put everything into this 4 hour epic project in unfolding the story. Every character shines in their own way and the antagonist role is much stronger and DC deserved a villain like this. Its a uniform and coherent take and a much deserved retake.

The only two issue i had was the 4*3 box format and Ben Affleck acting.

Verdict - 4/5(Justice Served)

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