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KD Engira Karuppu Durai - A little gem of a film not to be missed

Here comes a real surprise of 2019 and this is a kind of film that is very easy to fall in love with. When the story, screenplay, direction and acting all comes together, what you see on screen is pure magic. The plot is simple on the surface, but the characters and their relationship truly brings success here.

Director Madhumita Sundararaman’s film is inspired from a traditional practice done in rural villages called Thalaikoothal (senicide or an act of killing aged people). The film indeed started on a grim note and i thought its going to be a heavy one. But i was completely wrong. Things changed so drastically the moment the charismatic 8 year kid (played by Nagavishal) and 80 yr old (played by a veteran stage actor Mu Ramasamy) meet each other. The crackling humor and the magical warmth is something you need to experience. The focus on character drives the film more than anything. The performance by the duo is nothing short of brilliance. They together bring some raw emotions in a believable way. What we then see on screen is to learn the value of life. It makes you ponder over how much we have taken things for granted when it comes to treating age old people. The value of family and what they really dream off and cherished is told in a moving lighter note tone through out.

The music was also fantastic. The BGM was minimalist and highly effective, the same holds good for cinematography. The success of this film depends largely on the extent to which you can identify with the central character, and how much you can emphasis with the central theme of old age. This to me is a beautifully realized two hours at the movies with so much of stand out scenes. The ending is bit emotional, but that was inevitable for this story line. A must watch recommendation from my end.

Verdict - 4/5 (Every Life is worth something)

And today's dinner, you guess it right - Mutton Biriyani for sure :)

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