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Kingdom - A Bloody Outbreak

I am not a fan of Zombie movies or shows, but when Korean makers present it, i give it a shot. And as usual i wasn't disappointed at all. The show's production value is just amazing. The cinematography (reminded me of Roger Deakins) is top notch and the mood and atmosphere is just terrific. In terms of story line, there is nothing special to rave about, but kudos to the director for maintaining a solid thrilling mood with unexpected twists and turns. But what makes it stand out is the ingenious reinvention of the apocalyptic. The gory and intensity aspect is way beyond our imagination. Some episodes of this impending doom story is really gruesome. If you are fan of horror movies and liked Train to Busan, then you are in for a delightful show. Hollywood have to learn a lot from Korean film makers on how to master the craft of retelling a familiar story line and still make it a compelling watch. The characters were top notch and the performance was too good. Koreans know how it's done and the climax was just maddening. The story follows the journey of the crown prince to find the mystery behind his fathers sudden disappearance. What follows is something you need experience on screen. The show is pretty dense, and it just has only six episodes each for two seasons (which is rare for a K-Drama). A true Binge-watching historic Kingdom show from Korea. Verdict - 4/5(A Stylish Walking Dead)

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