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Kurup Movie Review - An Extravagant Hunt

Not every film needs to adopt a realistic approach on biopic's and we need some entertaining way to capture few stories. And thats exactly what this film aimed for and i have to say it succeeded in keeping the interest on. With a fast paced second half, a dashing Dulquer Salmaan presence and with a rousing bgm, this stylish version was enjoyable for most of its run time if not entirely convincing.

It took a long first half to set the pace and the run time was detrimental for this kind of story telling format. Its more of a style over substance with cinematic liberties thrown in. The story of the most wanted fugitive of Kerala is mostly being told from the perspective of case dairies, accounts from friends and families. It didn't try to glorify K, but it will leave a hero image than an antagonist one. The makers never focused on emotional side nor any remorse factor. It painted a circumstantial factors and survival instincts. With a great ensemble cast and a terrific performance from three lead characters the story stayed on course. The drama if not through writing is elevated by strong bgm and visuals. The makers never went into any detailing to showcase or give a sense of an Intellectual criminal mind. It felt bit bland in that aspect.

I felt the investigation aspects were rushed through especially the first identification of suicide, the famous Chacko murder, the hotel escape etc wasn't entirely convincing. It felt like an easy crack through of a case. But the build up before Chacko murder was damn good and thats where Shine Tom character played a terrific act. The second half investigation reminded me of the Tamil movie Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru one. The back and forth narration and jigsaw puzzle solving were gradually added with clarity. Overall i am happy with the theater experience after a long gap. I enjoyed this more than the grandeur setting of Malik and its realism factor.

Verdict - 3/5(An engaging thriller)

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