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La Casa de Papel Finale Review - Despedida to the Red Gang

The most entertaining show from the Professor and co. has finally come to an end. The last season was a Spanish show on steroids and it's also the first non-English language show to gain such a huge popularity. It will remain as one of the strongest hit ever made by Netflix and their biggest IP till date.

The strong fan base which had accumulated over the last 4 years absolutely wont be disappointed by the outcome. This time the relentless energy and gun fights takes bit of back seat and its more on connecting the dots and emotionally touching. It was more on why they started and what they finally wanted. There are couple nice twists to the story which i didn't expect. They did great job in mixing politics and economy in the finale. There is something for everyone and the drama is always at its peak. The professor always had a double twist at his sleeves. The passion and love with the series has been made is commendable.

Overall, Money Heist delivered a great concluding season. Many a times, it's over the top but i did enjoy a lot of it's madness. People will remember the character names for a long time and the show will be considered as a symbol of resistance for many. To me that in itself is a great feat of achievement from the creators. Miss you guys!!!

Verdict - 3.5/5(Smart Survival)

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