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La Casa de Papel Season 5 Volume 1 Review - Let There Be Carnage

The Phenomenal Spanish Netflix hit of 2017-2018 is back with a bang. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 seasons and their heist planning. But the last two seasons were a let down for me as they were just dragging with too many subplots and flashbacks. I felt they paid a lot of attention to sentimental values there. This one is a pure blast from start to finish. Will you run or will you fight is the common theme across all episodes. There is no question about some of the silliness and over the top unbelievable sequence showcased, but the fans are going to enjoy this entertainment from the Professor's squad.

With a pulse pounding grenade attacks and gun fights its relentless in its approach this time. Its unpredictable and if you think only Indian film stars can catch and throw back a grenade then you are mistaken :). Some of the edits are a real bummer especially cutting the scene during an interesting fight sequence. This time they introduced a new character and a backstory and will be interesting to see ow that connects with the professor. The Volume 1 ends on a grim note like how they ended the Season 4.

It moves at a frenetic pace and its absurdness and madness continues. The BGM played a key role in accentuating the tension and the music is totally apt for the situation. If you never enjoyed the first 2 seasons, then you can skip. With its massive share of flaws and loopholes still i keep waiting and watching it. Thats the power of some entertainment shows.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Its Bella Ciao for Red Gang)

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