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Laapataa Ladies Movie Review - A Sweet Tale

Dhobi Ghat fame Kiran Rao's latest one is a simple feel good entertainer. With plenty of LOL moments, you will leave the theater with a big smile on your face. Though predictable, the satire and dialogues were spot on. The humor wrapped story did try to cover few meaningful subjects and succeeded in conveying them to an extent. None of them feel forced and there was a flow to the overall narrative. The train ride and multiple bride swap is handled with lot of sarcasm.

The message of empowerment is simple yet subtle. The well written characters in a rural setup is a big plus for the movie. The acting were spot on. With few great hummable songs this is a little heartwarming film. The drama and thoughts shared is a progressive one considering the year it was set. You wont be disappointed for sure.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Free To Fly)

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