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Les Revenants (The Returned) - TV Series Review - Deadly Comeback

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The French TV drama Les Revenants (The Returned) is quite a surprising take on the walking dead. It's an original idea and a creative supernatural twisted fairy-tale. It reminded me of the complicated plot execution of the German thriller Dark even though its not that complicated as Dark. The premise is a simple one what happens when a few dead people make a return after few years. This unique horror story, as it is beautifully executed on the backdrop of a French Alps hamlet. The emotional journey of reunion of the living and the dead is told in an distinct fashion unlike anything i have seen. The cinematography and some compelling composition gives the brooding European dram an eerie feel. The town starts to feel unusual happenings and lot of things from past either good or bad comes to light. This isn't a scary zombie type genre but its a captivating one for sure. Each episode mixes past and present beautifully. Season 2 (which took 2 yrs to release) goes bit darker in giving a reasonable explanation around why things are happening and what is the intention behind the people coming back from dead. The finale was befitting one (my person opinion) and its left to viewers discretion to fill out the gaps. The second season focus more on characters rather than the mystery which did pose a viewing challenge to me but each episode did have something exciting to cherish on. Loneliness and grieving process dominates Season 2. I didn't really care for a few loose ends or some unanswered questions, but I felt really satisfied overall by the end packaging. The loneliness and pain is painted with accuracy. Not surprised to see its won the International Emmy Awards in 2013. There were some interesting concepts show cased, and i wish the director spend bit more time in exploring further like rules of the dead, the transitions they undergoes like living people, what happens when you cross the thin red line between the dead and living and what separates them from the living etc. More importantly the notion of changeling (person blessed with second sight but unable to stop them). I am damn impressed with stunning cinematography and musical score along with stunning cast. The dramatic beauty of each episode is what makes this a compelling watch even though overall you may feel bit off when you try to put things in order over the 16 episodes. Nevertheless a strong recommendation from my end.

Verdict - 4/5(A homecoming)

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