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Lock Up Movie Review - A Predictable police conspiracy

The first 15 minutes gave away too much in this murder mystery. And you can easily nail down on the culprit and you can do a guess work on the motive too. But still the movie kept the narration engaging with few unexpected plots turns and with a reasonably good climax. I have to say its a decent OTT release from Tamil industry this year. The pick of the cast is the director tuned actor Venkat Prabhhu as inspector Moorthy. He was damn convincing in his role. The whole story is built on the premises of job promotion and to what extent people can go to gain the fame. There is a good chance that you will relate this to one of the fine films from Mysskin. There is nice back and forth shift in the story telling to make it intrigue. The pace and short duration also worked in the favor of the movie. The BGM was solid which again forms a crux for thriller genre. The acting and facial expressions of the some of the characters are a big let down. It could have been much much better for sure. It was satisfying even though it traveled through a know territory.

Verdict - 3/5(Police Brutality)

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