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Maanaadu Movie Review - A Loop-O-Entertainer

The notion of time travel has always fired up our imagination. It's fascinating to see how Indian film makers are now trying out some creative ways to explore this mind bender concept. Earlier this year Pawan Kumar came up an intriguing time travel Telugu series Kudi Yedamaithe. It had an interesting premise but it was an on and off feel due to length and lack of depth in writing. Then last week Lijo Jose Pellissery approached time travel concept in his latest film Churuli, but that was a true beja fry movie and decoding that movie is a tough ask. Now it's turn for director Venkat Prabhu and off all the three, he delivered the most accessible, fun filled and a thoroughly entertaining time travel version. With its clever writing, two superbly fleshed out characters and an engrossing narrative format, its a pure paisa vasool theater experience.

The core story revolves around a political backdrop and an assassination plot. Unlike Pawan series, here the loop is meant to solve the same problem with a polarizing outcome for both characters. Here both characters face off each other than joining hands to solve the puzzle. The first half focuses on subtle variations of repetitive events and its effects from a point of view of character 1 (Silambarasan), and towards the interval we see a superb twist to the story. And the second half belongs of character 2(SJ Surya). It was a perfect fit for him due to eccentric nature and humor mix. At no point in time you will feel the repetitive events boring. So when both characters try to use their little knowledge to try to improvise, the ripple effect becomes large. Its impressively written , top notchedly edited with a large scale BGM effect and all those elements worked in tandem to create an intriguing experience.

Barring that last 10-15 minutes of exaggeration and over use of entertainment quotient, i dont have much to complain in this largely gripping cat and mouse game. I liked the way they simply explained the concept with Hindu myth reference without too much of spoon feeding. Its a real crowd pleaser from Tamil industry. It's hilarious and unpredictable at times. Go and enjoy the weekend.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Paisa Vasool)

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