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Masaba Masaba - An Instagram show

Now a days publicity and celebrity stories is what all you need to advertise the show., masaba masaba is one such fire and forget attempt. The insta story just puts some pieces together depicting the life of Neena Gupta and her fashion designer daughter Masaba Gupta. A collection of men and women, their page 3 gossips goes on and on with nothing new to offer. The saving factor is the light weight approach taken to establish the mom-daughter relationship which is far far better than the one we have seen in Shakuntala devi movie. There are some fine momentary humors sprinkled through out to establish relatability. But nothing is going to stick with you for long. It neither take itself too seriously nor on the fun part. It just scratched the surface without going deep. With flimsy song like Aunty kisko bola, oh yeah, what yeah type gestures and with almost painterly take on real life, this show is an average watch. I was really surprised by Masaba Gupta screen presence, she did reasonable well. With a run time of less than 3 hrs and if you have nothing else to watch then go for it.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Fire and Forget)

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