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MI7 Part 1 Movie Review - An AI Powered Ghost Hunt

Age is just a number and Tom Cruise yet again proves that point right. Like how wines tastes better with age, the MI franchise is getting bigger, better and bolder. This to me is a very polished and refined MI movie. This guy at 61 yrs is relentless in his approach. Like other MI films, the standout part is, its well controlled sophisticated action sequence and some intense fun filled chases.

Meticulously choreographed and executed with bang for a buck BGM, this is a block buster material in the making. This time around, there is a rhythm in the story telling, with some well developed characters. The new combo of Hayley Atwell and Tom complimented well and their chemistry worked superbly. It has plenty to offer in terms of tricks and twists. The opening 15 minutes will get you hooked.

In the show Mrs Davis, a determined nun takes on a challenge to find a faceless enemy and shut it down. Here its Mr.Hunt and co faces a self adapting insidious foe , an AI known as the entity. The mission is to retrieve a double-faceted key which unlocks the mystery which is partly revealed. The entity calculates millions of permutation combination and it finds Ethan as a threat in one of the perms, so it prepares counter measures and its aways a step ahead. So this time chases wont help beat, it requires an overpower in terms of thinking. Will Ethan succeed in part 2 ? (which obviously we know the answer).

I dont know how many of you have seen the epic If-Then-Else episode in Person of Interest Series from Nolan. If the director McQuarrie combines that concept with an Ethan chase that would be an ultimate finale. Its a hugely entertaining and a thrilling summer film.

Verdict - 4/5(A trip absolutely worth taking)

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