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Mirage (2018) - Spanish

Oriol Paulo who is known for some fascinating twist thrillers like (The Body and The invisible guest) is back with a new experimental sci-fiction thriller also known as "before the storm". Eventhoug the concept is not new, he has delivered an impactful movie with enough thrills and drama. Two timelines separated by 25 years but going to be the connected by a storm which lasts for 72 hours. What is the consequence if you try to alter the past in good faith but ends up having a devastating result. You have 72 hours to nail it down and course correct. Though the final twist was obvious, i still enjoyed this film. The drama part felt bit pale and i wasn't impressed with the actors too. Give it a try for a good exercise for the brain to think in an out of order fashion. Its available on Netflix.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A parallel reality)

P.S - If you have watched the film Frequency then you may not like this one.

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