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Mrs. Davis TV Series Review - A Fudging Holy Grail Of A Show

Yet another peacock original and this one is wacky, absurd heavy and entertaining with a profound take on faith all encapsulated in a AI / sci-fi show theme.

The show begins with a world where an AI named Mrs Davis (just one of the name) is part of everyone's life and IT gained trust and popularity. A determined nun takes on a challenge to shut it down but the price she needs to pay was too heavy. The nun's backstory and how she gets linked AI is a very interesting one. Will she succeed in her far-fetched journey forms the crux and that journey is an absolute bonkers and roller coaster one. Its so unpredictable and felt incredibly original.

Its been a while since i saw such a terrific poetic and poignant ending and you get a sense of closeness. To me personally the payoff was extremely satisfying though some episodes can test your patience. The way they ingrained religious aspects keeping the Holy Grail myth was a treat to watch. This is at best a mix of myth and sci fi combo.

If you think AI is the future and technology has all the answers, you better revisit that theory and notion. Remember who gave it all the answers at the first place and how AI interprets is a big changer. In the end its a powerful take on faith , trust and humanity. In the final episode, there is a terrific 15 minutes conversation between the nun and AI and that is a well written winning script. There is a difference between caring and satisfying and machine can do only one thing. Betty Gilpin as the lead performer is a terrific watch. This is a wildly inventive television show which peels layers after layers.

Verdict - 4/5(100% Customer Satisfaction)

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