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Mumbai Diaries 26/11 TV Series Review - Together We Fight

Its impossible to forget the date Nov 26th 2008, the three day terror attack that was unleashed in Mumbai city. For a story that is widely known and reported, it is quite a task for a film maker to recreate a tension-fueled, horrific events of that days. The celluloid representation is not the first, but Nikhil Advani and his team treated this fictional account sensibly and more importantly with respect. It didn't try to reopen old wounds but its genuine and gripping medical thriller. It serves as a fitting tribute to the resilience of the people who lived and died and its an ode to all those front line workers who stood tall.

Its a power packed account of the unprecedented violent moments and bravery. The story of terror versus humanity is told through the lens largely inside the Mumbai general hospital settings and then some from the Taj hotel front. Its unflinching in its depiction and the script dials up tension and drama. The first episode was a slow start but then it picked up the momentum quickly.

Two strong things are the casting and Kaushal Shah’s cinematography is a visual treat. The nook and corners of the hospital felt so real. . Episode 6 and the final one is solid, its heart pounding and filled with tension and emotion. Barring some inorganic backstories planted in between and over saturated sentiments, i have nothing much to complain. Though some of the back stories felt unnecessary, but they kept the vignettes small and brought back the action to hospital and hotel quickly.

If you want to know how terrifying it must feel to be on the inside of a hostage situation then the director fully succeeded in that. It touches upon few sensitive topics including the media frenzy search for potential opportunities no matter what the situations are and rotten journalism to sensationalize everything. Despite minimal resources and negligent administration the Mumbai war was well fought. The parting lines were perfect to the end the show. Yeah Mumbai Hai Meri Jaan, yahan bateein kum, kaam zyaada and the unity never ends!!!!.

Verdict - 3.5/5(In Cold Blood)

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