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Nayattu Movie Review - Justice Served Cold

How much do we know, how our well oiled System operates and its totalitarian arrangement. No matter how hard you try to break, it reverts back to the original motion its intended to run. There are few films in the past which was rooted to showcase that reality. The Tamil film Visarani was one such classic example of a common man's plight against corruption and political power with a brutal ending. In this films, Martin P take a similar route to show us a chilling takeaway. There’s no escaping the System. It’s all around us.

Shot in a 48 hr duration, the film starts with a simple case registration at a police station and that escalates further in no time. Once it goes beyond control then police persons involved are on their own. The big question is how long can you fight and whom are you fighting against forms the crux of the story. There is no protection guarantees. Based on a real life incident, and taking up vital issues that we see, hear or experience in day to day life the director has treated them as authentically as possible.

Remember all systems are flawed because we humans who made those are flawed. For the State there is only one winner, the image cannot be ruined at any cost and at times of election, the hunter becomes the hunted. There is no humanitarian consideration in this survival dram and there is always going to be one winner. By the end of the film you will realize how apt the title was. The film exposes modus operandi of society, government and highlights caste-based approaches in a non preachy way. There are relevant social messages and statements made in a subtle way.

I was little disappointed with some of the character selection and the engagement with the characters were also not seamless. The ending though apt, also felt abrupt. Somehow i did not get the thrill feel as shown in the trailer.

In the end what Luther King said is so true - We must learn that passively to accept an unjust system is to cooperate with that system, and thereby to become a participant in its evil.

Verdict - 3.5/5(An essential viewing)

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