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November Story TV Series Review - I know what you did on 16th November

I always give a shot for Desi Murder Mystery plots. You never know what they can pull off and i came out as a satisfying viewer for this tamil web series. This Hostar 7 episode series tries it's best to be smart with pulsating moments but it fails short from an overall feel and conclusion. It has an intriguing premise which raises curiosity at all levels and great time pass if you dont pay too much attention to logic. Its a worthy effort for a murder mystery thriller.

The story is bit convoluted and its unravels slowly with multiple timelines involved. Every episode starts off with B&W narration with heavy music with no dialogues. The creators manages to keep the each episode with a cliffhanger moments. The biggest problems are: first there are there are too many aspects of investigation is being dealt with conversation than action, and second being the underwhelming emotional final episode. The humor is a hit and miss kind of feel, sometimes it worked and sometime it felt forced.

Now i really question the choice of main actress here, her acting was lacking conviction. Why look for something outside when you have so much of internal talents. Pasupathy and the main inspector were too good. A daughter (ethical hacker), an Alzheimer’s father who is found on a murder spot (old home) which the daughter was trying to sell, a parallel police investigation and then there is this whole new dynamics of a haunting past connection. There are too many strands on this story and weaving of all is decently done if not great. Overall i am happy as this is great idea set in motion and it has it own moment to hold the plot. Flawed but still worth a try purely because of its deception till 5th episode.

Verdict - 3/5(A 16th November Mystery)

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