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Oomai Sennaai Movie Review - Yuddham Sei

There a beautifully shot scene in a hotel room where a political dynamics play out and one of the guys sings a situational song Ninaippathellaam nadanthuvittaal Deivam yethumillai… Nadanthathaiyae ninaiththirunthaal Amaithi endrumillai. That's a beautiful way to summarize this movie's narrative and the plot progression.

The way the camera moves, the way the frames are composed and with heavy violin dominated BGM intersecting at every juncture, the debut film from Arjunan Ekalaivan reminded me of some of the earlier films from Mysskin. Its a smartly written mood inducing narrative and an engaging crime thriller that works for the most part.

If you liked films like Kadaseela Biriyani, then you wont be disappointed at all. With a run time of less than 2 hrs, the story telling started on a confusing note but it gradually unfolds and takes us into a slow burner revenge thriller. The narrative is about a small time private investigator who follows some rigid principles in life. Eager to start a new life, he decides to take up a last assignment which goes for a toss and he ends up roughing up few feathers with some corrupt officers and gangsters. The unexpected story line does not focus on the main protagonist alone but it focuses on few parallel narratives and merges towards the climax which is shot brilliantly in a corn field setup. The political game and corruption is subtlety presented without much spoon feeding.

The only undermining factor was some of the new faces acting was a bit of a let down. The body language and limited-expression from the lead character was a hit and miss for me. It suited the story in one way like how Cheran did in Yuddham Sei but as a viewer you may feel it was not enough kind. Overall a great director talent to watch out for. It could have been better for sure but i am happy with the outcome. Streaming on Amazon Prime now.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Double Crossed)

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