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Romancham Movie Review - A Ghost House Fun

Last year Netflix released an interesting Tamil movie "Poochandi Varan" set in Malaysia, which has theme aligned to group of friends and their experiments with OUIJA board. Poochandi screenplay was a solid one and it enters into a very serious mood post 15 minutes mixing myth and suspense factor.

Romancham also started on a similar note but it stayed off course from a paranormal intriguing experience. But the film did a great job in bringing a consistent light hearted humor with some loud laugh out moments. It was rare sight to see the theater laugh vibe and enjoyment.

It was very evident that the director did plan for Part 2 and hence the wafer thin story struggled a bit post interval. It was stretched a bit with few songs and a second act from Soubin to prove a point etc. With hints of mystery sprinkled through out , i am not expecting any surprises in part 2, but would be interested to see how the director will keep the tempo on.

But i really enjoyed the film and it will resonate more with male audience instantly. The day to day events in their lifes, the casual conversations, the pitch perfect one liners and situational comedy all fitted in very well. Instead of jump scare moments, the director focused on facial expressions to bring in a nuanced performance from majority of the new comers. The action and their reaction were so cohesive. Arjun Ashokan really rocked. A great BGM complimented this horror comedy. A clear winner from my end. Will watch again when it hits the OTT.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Bachelor Days Memories)

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