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Seththumaan Movie Review - An allegory of class

Yet another gem from Sony and a terrific debut by Director Thamizh where he packs a punch with a rage of a different kind. He draws a thin red line of caste boundary separation with a raw and honest portrayal. The film is an emotional reminder of the societal abuse and in the end you will be wondering what has changed though it beautifully brings in a parallel narrative of a 2017 event into this film.

The film set in a village follows the life of Poochiyappan a basket weaver and his grandson Kumaresan. A desire to eat Pork (tagged to lower caste) by the landlord Vellaiyan brings food and politics in a most interesting and sarcastic way. The film score big on interactions and dialogues. There are beautiful and memorable scenes (the way Poochiyappan explains how Kumaresan lost his parents, his conversation with the rebel Rangan on Tea shops are just a few) which will stay with you. Each and every actor in this film – most of them non-actors – is fabulous and perfectly cast. The landlords wife was hilarious.

The film covers a wide array of topics in its short run time without being preachy at all. The last 30 minutes is grim but climax though predictable is still a stark reminder on the sufferings of the untouchables. Dont miss this little gem.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The dark side of humanity)

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