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Silo Series Review - The truth will kill you

Based on a popular Trilogy novel, this Apple TV Series is a deliberately paced slow burner dystopian show that seeks your attention and patience. Silo is a closed society built on a massive spiral underground structure and no one (except few) who stays there knows why and who built this close to 150+ yrs ago. What they were told and proven to them is that, this is a safer place to live and the world outside is dangerous and survival is not possible there.

The humanity is confined inside this 100+ floor structure with class and hierarchy defined at each section of floors. There is a mayor, police force and a control system to regulate. One who rebels or wanted to go outside will be let out of the spiral and we see through a massive monitor that they collapse and die reaffirming the believe of outside world. The series does a superb job of unraveling the mysteries of the Silo episode by episode.

The story pulls its muscle when a brilliant Rebecca Ferguson, a mechanical engineer who is attempting to unlock the truth after a life altering event. The show excels in building an atmosphere and mood. It doesn't reveal too much too soon. You will be sucked into the entrenched world. The characters are well-drawn and have depth. The world building is frightening, intriguing and mysterious. A retro-futuristic-looking underground is meticulously shot and designed. Its a puzzle that doesn't end with Season 1 and the wait is longer. Hoping the S02 wont disappoint.

Verdict - 4/5(What Lies Above)

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