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Special OPS - Yet Another Terrorist Hunt

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Neeraj Pandey & Shivam Nair is back with yet another espionage thriller which is worth a watch. The highlight of the show is the terrific performance from Kay Kay Menon. Narrative wise its nothing new, Neeraj follows the same old pattern of RAW agents chasing international terrorist which we have seen in his movies. But this one is the longest hunt RAW has every done. Its watered down and sometimes flawed in its approach. But the directors made sure that there is ample amount of tension with right mix of humor sprinkled to keep it going. The last episode directed by Neeraj himself packs the punch with few twists and turns (its guessable though, nevertheless enjoyable). Many of the characters felt like dummy pieces and KK family setup had shades of what was featured in The Family Man show. With nothing else to resort to with all movie theater shut down, this one turned out to be a decent thriller to kill time. In the end there was some excitement and a free visit to Dubai, Istanbul in the self isolation mode was a relief. Dont go with high hopes and dont expect a Special 26. And it can test your patience in few episodes when Shivam handles it.

Verdict - 3/5(A COVID – 19 breakglass)

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