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Spider-Man NWH Movie Review - An Alumnus Meet

The latest Marvel adventure and the much hyped Hollywood movie of 2021 is a true nostalgic fan service if not anything else. It has a very youthful tone and its more of an emotional film than an entertaining one. NWH starts right after where FFH ended, when Peter Parker is unmasked. His personal and social life becoming chaos as days passes and when his friends also gets into the trouble, he has no other choice but to approach Dr Strange for a solution.

The Multiverse action kicks in when Dr Strange memory eraser spell-cast trick goes haywire and some known visitors from the past emerges through the portal. You will witness all those characters who were ever part of Spidy-Verse show reappear (Doctor Octopus, Goblin and Electro) to reclaim what they lost. Then there is more towards the end.

Its one of the best Tom Holland’s three films to date. It’s a quintessential Spider-Man film that pays homage to the past. I felt, the overall story to be a bit of a stretch. Though the fights and visuals were good, it didn't match up to what Shang-Chi offered earlier this year. In general, there were some great touching scenes in the last act and brought some great acting talent out of few characters. Fans of series do get some clap worthy scenes to cheer, but ultimately it’s an old rope. I don't know how many times Marvel will keep on rehashing these new installments (its almost 9 or 10th) and Spidy show. And with multiverse into the mix, the possibilities are limitless. It is far from perfect, but did offer some fun with the final inception like sequence and a cool ending.

Verdict - 3/5(A Fan Crowd pleaser)

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