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Stranger Korean TV Series Review - A riveting political drama

This was my first Korean series watch. The show has a terrific production value and with an in-depth and well fleshed out characterization, it's solid binge worthy show. An impressive performance from all leading cast, this one is a stylishly presented through layers of deceit. A simple and tightly written plot which never looses its grip and suspense throughout keeping the ambiguity till the last episode. A terrific BGM, the best I have heard in a long time for a TV series. The show deals with two people, a prosecutor and a cop, and how they untangle a network of corruption and crime. As usual the biggest complaint i have with Korean show is its too lengthy in terms of episodes and duration. And their shows does have a large amount of melodramatic moments. In the end, I really loved it and i highly recommend this charged up suspense drama.

Verdict - 4/5 (Gripping)

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