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Suzhal TV Series Review - The Evil Inside

Tamil web series are now centered around small town secrets. Beginning of the year we had a Tamil series Vilangu which was an impressive one for its unique psychic narration. Here comes another one from the writers of Vikram Vedha focusing on a small town named Sambaloor and dark secrets around people residing there. There are two parallel tracks in the story, one investigation around a factory fire and another one involving a missing teenage girl. The story mainly focuses on three families and their age old hatred and ego.

Though the story in the end will turn out to be based on a very universal and generic theme, you wont realize that until the final few episodes. The show has ample twists and turns and keeps us guessing till the end. The narrative arc is spread over 9 days of thiruvizha in the town and the creators mixed myth and reality to the maximum extend. In each episode there is a pulsating ten minutes of gripping nature thanks to breathtaking cinematography and a well aided BGM for a cliff hanger ending. The festival shots were a treat to watch.

The show packs a lot from superstitious beliefs, blackmail , sacrifice and power dynamics with a good staging throughout. The events in the end were well connected though its disturbing in nature. It definitely is a stretched series which loses momentum as few things feel forced with a drama which went bit overboard but some brilliant performances will keep you invested.

Verdict - 3/5(A Universal Message)

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