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Thankam Movie Review - A Disturbing Answer

One of the exciting screen writers of Malayalam film Industry, Syam Pushkaran's latest thriller is a great watch for many reasons. The screen play superbly spans across borders and i have not seen such a beautiful 4 language (Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and English) cohesive intersection. The script is a brilliant one though the ending may shock few and it may disappoint few. With a very core realistic conversations, subtle acting, and elegant unexpected dig in the ribs humor, this winning script alone makes the film stand out.

The story revolves around few characters (Biju Menon and Vineeth S) who makes their lives by way of gold making, transport and distribution. While Biju focuses on the making part, Vineeth takes the distribution part. The business involves risk and illegal runs and that aspects comes out so elegantly in the investigation part through a very casual conversations. When one of their to transport to Mumbai goes for a toss, the mood switches from a calm setting to a bit of tensed one. What follows is the investigation journey across borders to unravel the truth. Interestingly Girish Kulkarni gets a meatier role along with them.

It's a neatly structured screenplay with every character playing their part to perfection. Some of the scenes in the police station, interrogative style , the non spoon feed approach is treated with authenticity. It slowly unravels the layers of the discovery. Though the narrative lack the pace that is needed for the thriller, it still keep you glued to the screen with a reasonable level of intrigues. The film does not give you the kind of ending we might have hoped for. The ending reminded me of a famous cult Malayalam movie from 90's, i am refraining from revealing the name for obvious reasons. Some minor issue i had with the films are, it does not give you a emotional impact and a trimmer run time would have benefited more. Nevertheless i enjoyed this one though it may not offer a 24 carat gold mark.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The Golden Circumstances)

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