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The Family Man Season 2 TV Series Review - A Boring Sequel

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The potent mix of humor and thrill made the Season 1 a great watch. The whole family set up in the Season 1 felt fresh and there was kick in that relationship drama. The creators unfortunately failed to mimic the same magic here. The first 4 episodes were a real drag and the comedy just felt out of place. The whole IT work place and the CEO scenes were ridiculous. The predictability was written all over on whats going to happen. The tension was completely missing in the first half. Things started to pick up momentum in the second half but the energy level and the seamless story telling aspects were lacking. Some how i felt there was an artificiality in the acting department.

There was no coherence and some of the characters were really annoying. From the irritating teenage daughter to a terribly boring Priyamani and then her expressionless boss, some of the side characters, the list goes on. Samantha role is hit and miss, i honestly wasn't able to make out her anger and her reactions in this de-glamorous , forced tanned role. The shifting of locations throughout did not help much in moving the story along. The entire London setup and the exile folks relationships and their body language lacked seriousness.

The good thing is, there was no judgement made in the characters act, and the idea of revolutionaries and their anger is delicately handled. The political angle is justified. With use of local setting and the language, the realism factor is well maintained, but it was not enough to make this show as compelling as the first season. Hope the makers do justice in Season 3. Overall the so called deadly mission and the concept of rebel with a cause lacked intent and thrill.

Except the few single-take sequences and few thrilling dramatic moments, i really didn't enjoy the show much. A crisp edit , shorter duration and with a focused story telling would have added more punch to this otherwise overall dull take.

Verdict - 3/5(Fire and Forget)

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