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The Great Indian Murder Review - The Curse Of Ingetayi

Based on Vikas Swarup’s novel Six Suspects, this murder mystery is an interesting watch for few reasons. The story kicks off with a murder of home minister's brat son Vicky Rai and the main suspects are the guests who were at the party. The death is a blessing in disguise as everyone who knows Vicky wanted him dead. The high profile case is being handed over to CBI and each episode focuses on investigation of suspects, their backstories and trying to establish a link. The first season mostly focuses on three characters and its a commendable effort from the three Munna , Eketi and the funny side of Mohan Kumar. This season do touch upon few of the other suspects intentions.

The different stories each dedicated for set of suspects were all interesting in their own ways. Some of the characters and their perspective shows different layers of society. The novel content was perfect for a Bollywood potboiler and Timangshu Dhulia left no stone unturned to create a pulpy version out of that. The murder investigation along with a bit of supernatural elements take us to a tour of contemporary India starting from Andaman and cutting across south and northern India. From class divide, politics, whirlpool corruption, glamour you name anything this has it. Everyone in some shape and form is morally compromised.

If you are looking for a closure you will be disappointed as we have to wait for season 2. The plot is overstuffed and some of the developments were hard to digest. The proceeding are bit unconvincing and music was a let down. With each episode lasting 30 minutes its a breeze watch.

Verdict - 3/5(Keep Guessing)

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