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The Innocent TV Series Review - Nobody can escape their past

A warning note to start with, viewers discretion advised. Its a bloody violent take by the famous Spanish director Oriol Paulo (known for few famous thrillers The Invisible Guest and The Body) based on a Harlan Coben novel. As usual he focus on a rich choral narrative and clever reconstruction of the plot. The puzzle gets murkier with each episode we are in for a ride with ample twists and turns. The second episode and the connection with the first one was, one of the best i have seen in a long time.

The best revenge is to be unlike from who performed the injury and that holds true here. This convoluted plot has many layers and each character has a very complex and dark past. The story even though starts off with convict-turned-lawyer whose life is turned upside-down, it takes a completely different turn through out. The series constructs a myriad of perspectives and motives and everyone has a reason to hide. There is a strong friendship story along with powerful bonding of few characters makes the character study a relevant one.

Its start off really well and few episodes in the middle took a decline as it was giving away too much but then picks up the pace towards the end. The content is super packed and it can be really frustrating at time but patience pays off and its a satisfying and rewarding one.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A wild ride)

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