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Travelers TV Series Review - Welcome to the 21st

This Canadian show is one of those hugely under-rated sci-fi on Netflix. In fact i came to know about this recently through a colleague. A well thought out story, perfectly developed characters and a spot on performance make this series a compelling watch. The story may sound familiar, people traveling through time to carry out a mission to save the world. It indeed has shades of Nolan brother's brilliant Person of Interest series but the creators made it so realistic and bang for the buck event.

I loved the idea of Nanites, human consciousness transfer and infact in this show the science portion is kept very minimal and the focus is more on the drama and the relationships among the travelers. The success comes from the layered approach to storytelling. The pairing they did for each character is like a perfect match. There are quiet a lot of soul stirring moments and emotions are perfectly checked. The series found its winning formula and kept on improvising making each season better and better. Enrico Colantoni in Season 2 was just revelation though his role was limited. The AI vs Human story is re-tweaked beautifully and they did not take any specific stand as such to show who is superior and trustworthy. Its the heart and soul of Travelers that pulls off a very satisfying ending which was totally unexpected turn for me. I was expecting a bombastic finale. Its sad that the show has ended. Make time for it and its my X'MAS recommendation.

Verdict - 4/5(Protocol Omega)

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