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Vilangu Tamil TV Series Review - Vidathu Karuppu

This unconventional interrogation mystery thriller was bit difficult to comprehend due to its unusual way of treatment and i was wondering can this kind of police procedure be possible. But i have to say i am impressed and in retrospection more impressed for its uniqueness.

The set up is around a police station in a rural backdrop where every day life is a chaos and at the same time its a sarcastic take on casteism. Each police wala life is unique and challenging in their own ways where they needs to juggle between family and duty. The creators brought together a great set acting power on screen. The life of policemen is depicted nicely and it also showcases the custodial brutality of the system.

The series starts with decomposed body find and a cliffhanger ending at the first episode kicks starts the thriller and what then follows is a mix of entertainment, religious beliefs and suspense. By 4th episode things take big turn and then its moves into uncharted territory and that to me stood out. The character played by Kicha is just terrific. The title BGM and overall background score is a stand out. The plot is confusing at the start but towards the end all missing pieces stitched well.

I had to admit i was little disappointed with some of the purely placed coincidences along the way and the family drama did drag a bit. But again i felt the family angle was added to show the human side of things. Overall Zee5 produced a great watch in Tamil after a long time.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The devil inside)

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