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Wolfwalkers Movie Review - A beautiful Isle of Wolves

Though it lacked the finesse of some of the cult Japanese handcrafted animation from Studio Ghibli, this little adventure still wins your heart. It has some resemblance to the classic Princess Mononoke movie. The graphics is entirely drawn by hand and the resulting 2D visual outcome is stunning. This is the directors final installment of the Irish Folklore Trilogy and both of the prior ones were nominated for Oscars.

Set in Ireland, the story follows a young hunter and her relationship with the last pack of wolves. I loved two short songs in the film and the music is truly captivating and blends seamlessly with the story. With excellent voice over narration across the board, the characters were developed wonderfully. The enchanting world full of magic and myths will be a treat for your eyes. Though the story was bit predictable but the lesson we learn (freedom and harmony) are universal in nature.

This for sure will be in the OSCAR nomination list. It brings back the rich cultural influences and shows how to bring balance between humans and nature. One of the finest film of this year and it may not be perfect but still worth your time. So go for it.

Verdict - 4/5(Howls the Wolf)

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