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Broadchurch TV Series Review - The Beach Town Is Back In Action

When the new shows and movies lets you down big time, you resort to the older ones and as always you get rewarded. I loved Season 1, Season 2 was dead rubber for me and the final season hits hard. This season offers yet another exciting, credible crime drama that brings the series to a well deserved farewell. Its much more intense and the core subject is really a difficult one to deal with. The theme is dealt with great sensitivity and its examined and presented in a socially aware manner.

The usual casting (Olivia Colman and David Tennant) and their performance again made a huge difference. The first-class chemistry between the two exceptional actors is almost tangible. I have to say it brought the best out of everyone and it was fitting finale for this compelling and a well crafted Brit Series. The characters investment in really pays off. From high octane drama to bleak humor, the shows stand out. Like Season 1, this series is more interested in people and in the aftermath. Even with the slow pace, we all quickly became invested into the story line and had to watch until we knew what had happened. In the end barring few preachy moments and a too much focus on an old grief story, i felt it perfect for my taste. A high recommendation from my end.

Verdict - 4/5(An insights into the human condition)

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