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A Confession TV Series Review - Justice served cold

Though it did not have the emotional fire power of Broad-church which was an excellent British crime-drama i have seen few years back (only season 1 rocks), this 6 part mini series does ticks few boxes perfectly for the genre. A Confession doesn't offer the twists or turns to surprise you and its great till half way point when the suspense is maintained. Post that it goes into the territory of legal procedures and loop holes in the justice system. So for me the last few episode did not offer much to recommend this controversial investigation show highly. As its based on true story, i have to give credit to the makers to keep the show engaging and the flow felt organic and natural especially some aspects of the murder trial. All the performances were strong but not compelling enough except from Martin Freeman. A Confession is now steaming on SonyLIV. If you are in mood to watch slow burners with a strong feel for characterizations then go for it. And if you have not seen Broadchurch yet, i highly recommend a Season 1 watch. People may not agree with that kind of comparison as one is fiction and another is fact, but at the end of day satisfaction matters.

Verdict - 3/5(The Big White Elephant on Court)

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