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Vortex TV Series Review - A Pleasing Butterfly Effect Show

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

This Netflix french science fiction though heavy on drama and emotions beautifully uses time travel and butterfly effect concept without overdoing or complicating it.

The concept featuring people communicating across time is not new especially to solve a murder, the last one i enjoyed a lot was a Korean series which uses a walkie-talkie mechanism to interact with two detectives (past and present) to alter the outcome. And a recent one was again a Korean which was totally an unexpected gem Both of them were bit complicated and difficult to digest for most part. This french series takes a less traveled route and knows how to innovate the genre. At the heart, its a well constructed love story with beautifully etched out characters adding the needed depth to the story line.

Vortex takes place in the distant future where technology is well advanced and police uses drones plus VR for investigation. The main pratoginst, a police officer (looks like Arjun Rampal and Milind Soman) while investigating a death on a sea shore, gets connected to a 27 yrs old case involving his deceased wife . The technical glitch so called rift in space-time is never explained and the makers were not really after explaining in depth about the science behind these linkages. But what they were focusing was human relations, bonds, and emotions. And they presented that with lot of conviction and the show has heart at its right place.

The story switches between a huge gap of 27 yrs to solve a murder mystery. The butterly effects and multiple such scenarios are presented nicely through out with a well defined rule sets. The moral dilemma forms the crux of the story, you will lose what you love if you alter the past. So is there a way keep both forms a major plot. In the end this french miniseries is quite an engaging to watch with an emotionally satisfying finale.

Verdict - 4/5(An absorbing time warp)

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