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Aranyak TV Show Review - A Sironah Mystery

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Its a season of comeback for old timers. While Aarya marked the return of Sen, this one is for R. Tandon playing the role of tough cop. Unlike Sen who made a terrific come back, this one has a mixed response from my end. Tandon's did her best in parts, though in emotional scenes i did find her weak.

The story kicks of with a murder of a french teenager and events unfolding around that. Though it was bit easy to predict few things, there were plenty of other surprises too. Story wise it offers nothing new, the mysterious mountain, a mythological Nar-tenduya (half leopard-half man), a murder followed by police procedure aka the tradition of atmospheric noir thrillers. But the creators tried their best to bring a sense of mystery and narration urgency and more importantly the typical cliff hanger ending for each episodes to keep the audience hooked. There is a bit of everything for everyone and it was an enjoyable watch overall. Its very difficult not to click the next episode button.

Tandon and her police partner P. Chatterjee (Kahani fame) made their presence felt and i liked their interaction and how they compliment each other in the investigation. There is respect and mutual admiration and at the same time difference in opinion. Its a very dense story and it manages well to stay focused on key themes in spite being overloaded with characters.

The story resembled a lot like the cringe worthy Candy series from Voot platform, but luckily this series is way better in its treatment and approach. My main issues are its loaded with coincidences especially for Tandon, it was like making it easy kind of approach and some of the characters explanation on why they did, was a tough digest. Some of CGI looked kiddish. The ending was good and opens the door for another season. Its a well designed web of deceit and a good police procedure format. You may not like it, so take your chance.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The Call Of Duty)

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